Immediately after the 2008 Housing collapse investors began coming to United States in search of under priced homes in decent areas  that at the time were in abundance.


     Thus creating a better market  for “flipping” houses, a method of investment which was highly profitable – for a short time.



     Fast forward 8 years later most under priced properties have been bought, sold and resold, drying up the flip market. Unfortunately now it is considerably more difficult to find those investments. 


     Brondo R-TOP Program is an alternative that provides a fantastic Investment opportunity that is revolutionizing the real estate industry in South Florida.

How Investors Profit

Investing in BRONDO R-TOP is very simple. In order to qualify as an accredited investor, first you must fill out a short questionnaire (5-10 minutes). Then one of our helpful agents will gladly assist you in explaining how the program works. Two or three possible investment packages will be sent to you for reviewing. Once you decide which investment model suits you better, we can start the process and paperwork. Property details and projected return on the investment tailored to your specific qualifications,  will be presented for your approval in order to move forward.

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Let Us Do The Work For You

         The investor always makes the decision of which investment is the most appealing. Then you will be instructed on how to start the process and you will be on your way to become part of the BRONDO R-TOP Investors group. After a short approval period you will receive your investor welcome package along with your contracts and documents to review, sign and execute. Then just sit back and let us do the work for you! 



  • Enjoy Ownership of a property in the United States with no work or headaches.
  • A single investment allows you to leverage your dollars with investors all across the country.
  • Receive an excellent cap rate from the rental income on monthly basis.
  • Safe return on investment at your fingertips without the hassle of market changes.


           Brondo R-TOP Investments management team has an extensive knowledge in both, the real estate business and the operation of a successful real estate management. All properties purchased will be put through a strenuous and strict evaluation process. Our project managers will evaluate each and every property acquired.



           All of the customary valuation techniques will be used, such as sales comparison, income, and cost approach. With a highly disciplined platform, a broad range of capital, and a highly skilled team of real estate and finance experts, BRONDO R-TOP Investments management addresses the complexities of each transaction. From location to acquisition, our company looks at each property’s potential, both from an appreciation and cash flow standpoint.

Prospective Investment Properties

          Below are few potential properties for sale that meet BRONDO R-TOP INVESTMENTS’s criteria. Our real estate professionals are scanning properties daily and compiling purchase reports as potential acquisitions become available.

Please note: These are targets identified by the R-TOP PROGRAM and are not currently owned.
For a current property list please contact the company